Developing an Advanced Electrical Power System for CubeSats

The Electrical Power System (EPS) board will be used on the satellite called PowerSat which is being developed in conjunction with Deployables Cubed GmbH. The development board designed during SURP (shown above) will test different solar charging circuitry configurations.

Our Team

Drew and Colt are members of the Cal Poly CubeSat Lab, an interdisciplinary lab of undergraduate students collaborating to develop CubeSats. For more information on the Cal Poly CubeSat Lab visit

Drew Evans


Drew is a third year Electrical Engineering student and the EE team lead at the Cal Poly CubeSat Lab. He has focused his work on PCB R&D from requirement level project development, to PCB Schematic design, to hands-on troubleshooting.

Colt Whitley


Colt Whitley is a second year pursuing a bachelors degree in electrical engineering. He is a member of the electrical engineering team at the Cal Poly CubeSat Laboratory. Helping with this SURP taught him valuable lessons about PCB R&D and electrical power systems.


We would like to thank the Cal Poly Department of Engineering, our advisors Dr. Pauline Faure and Dave Pignatelli, Deployables Cubed GmbH, and all of our other CubeSat Lab team members for making this SURP possible.

Our Project Video


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