Fleet Management via RFID

Our project was to develop a new fleet management system for Boeing. Currently, when tagged assets are within Boeing's facilities, they are tracked by a grid of RFID readers. However once the tagged assets get into Boeing's transportation trucks, they are no longer tracked by the RFID readers. So the goal of our project was to develop a new system model which incorporated a RFID reader to Boeing licensed trucks, which would be able to track tagged assets while they were in transit.

Our Team


Keegan Divine

Software Engineering Student Researcher

Keegan Divine is a 4th year Software Engineering student with an interest in Backend Development.


Harumi Hokari

software Engineering student researcher

Harumi Hokari is a 3rd year Computer Science student with interests in artificial intelligence and machine learning. His project focus  was researching integration between passive RFID tag readers and Geotab’s existing cloud technology.


Dongfeng Fang

Assistant Professor Department: Computer Science and Software Engineering

Research interest: cybersecurity (wireless security, cyber-physical security, critical infrastructure security, 5G security, IoT security, and privacy), wireless communications and
networks, and public safety communications.


We would like to thank the Cal Poly Department of Engineering, notably our advisor Dr. Dongfeng Fang. Also a huge thank you to Gregory Krickl, Fadhel Mishan, Lorna Porter for founding this project and all of the other employees of Boeing who made this research opportunity possible.

Our Project's Digital Poster

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