2020 SURP Virtual Symposium

Friday, October 2, 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM PDT

SURP Welcome from Dean Fleischer

Student pouring substance into container at algae facility

Introduction to SURP

The purpose of SURP is to provide research experiences for our undergraduate students working alongside our faculty during the summer. This program also supports the scholarly efforts of our faculty through engagement with undergraduate students. Projects lead to student-faculty authored publications in venues appropriate to the area of research conducted during the summer. Further, the program invites industrial and other external sponsors to provide university-industry collaborative research and project activities.

Zoom Sessions

Did you miss the live ZOOM sessions of the SURP projects? Watch the recordings on the links below.

Aerospace Electrical Computing and Cyber Biomedical/Pedagogy Mechanical/Materials/Industrial/Civil
Thermal Detection for Free Flight
Development of an Enhanced Model of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery with Thermal
Machine Learning Tools for Computer Forensics in the Cloud
Evidation Health Project
Studying Point-Defects by Tailoring Atomic Positions in High Entropy Alloys
Development of a Deep Space Communication System for Small Spacecraft
Optimization of Backtracking Parameters in the Cal Poly Goldtree Solar Farm
Demystifying Karp's 21 Original NP-Complete Problems
Injury prevention biomechanics
Saving Energy by Recommissioning Buildings
Free Vibration of an Airplane Wing under Coupled Bending and Torsion:
Photovoltaic Array Soiling Reduction through Optimization of Stowing Angle
Fleet Management via RFID
Learning to Denoise Low-Dose CT Scans
Beneficiation of Raw Gypsum Ore
Parametric Installed Propulsion Model
8-Way Switch
IoT Security - System Modeling and Security Study
Study the locomotion of a hopping robot using Stateflow
Improving the Cal Poly Wine Supply Chain and Distribution Operations
Quantitative Measures for Managing Aerospace Complexity
Study and Design of Residential DC Electrical Distribution Network
SiMPI – Simple Multi Processing Interface
Optimization of Playing Time Allocation in Youth Sports
Biodegradation mechanisms for mixed polymeric films
Concept development of a nano-reaction control system for small satellites
Power Optimization for the 4.5 MW Gold Tree Solar Array
Voice Assistant for Software Developers and Team Meetings
Exploring Faculty Perceptions of Student Evaluation of Teaching
High Speed Autonomous Vehicle Development
Thermal System Design for Interplanetary Small Satellite Deployer
Investigation of UWB Antenna Performance for Wireless Body Area Networks in Remote Health Monitoring Applications.
Shark Spotting with Drones
Confront, Address, Replace: A framework for addressing structural inequality
A Framework to Deploy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Construction Progress
Cis-Lunar Launch and Delivery Model
Resilient Critical Infrastructures
Strawberry Yield Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques
Psychological Influences on Thermal Comfort Perception in Higher Education
Evaluation of Cost-effective Pavement Deformation Detection Technologies using Mobile LiDAR
Developing an Advanced Electrical Power System for CubeSats
Energy Analysis and Optimization
Virtual Reality in Engineering Education during COVID-19 and Beyond
Kinetics of Materials and Process Design

SURP 2020 Projects


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